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Are you an Invasion Newbie? You can find answers to our most frequently asked questions here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can come?

Ages 12-17 may register and attend Invasion as “youth.” Ages 18-28 may register and attend as “young adults.”

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How much does it cost to attend?

Standard Registration: $75 ($55 early bird rate until 5/31) X-Package: $125 ($105 early bird rate until 5/31) One-Day only: $25/day Youth Leaders attend free with their group and are only required to pay if they are competing in any sports tournaments.

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What is an X-Package?

X-Package is an opportunity for you to stretch your dollar at Invasion. The X-Package purchase price covers your registration and provides you with $40 in food credit at The Spoon and $25 in product credit at Invasion Threads!

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Where do we stay?

Midland has a number of quality hotels to meet your lodging needs. We have listed some below by their distance from Living Word Church.

Full hotel listing here.

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What is The Spoon?

Whether you need a quick snack or a four-course meal we’ve got you covered. On The Spoon menu you’ll find something tasty whether you’re a youngster or an old sir.

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Who can play sports?

Anyone! Sports tournaments are segmented by age. We also typically have card tournaments and other competitions for those that aren’t particularly interested in sports.

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What if I’m by myself and I want to compete in a sports tournament?

You have two options:

  1. Make some friends and form a team.
  2. Let the leaders know you’d like to play, and they will assign you to a team.

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What are the rules?

Our rules are extremely simple…

  1. No weapons, tobacco, or illegal drugs
  2. No talking or disturbances during meetings
  3. No romantic displays of affection
  4. No abuse of equipment or facilities
  5. No speeding in parking areas
  6. Use garbage can for all trash
  7. Obey and respect all leaders and staff
  8. Dress modestly
  9. No food or drinks in the sanctuary

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What are U-Choose sessions?

U-Choose is a chance for you to attend specific breakout sessions of your choosing each day. We typically have 10 topics for Youth and five for Young Adults. Some previous topics have included:

  1. How to Worship
  2. Reaching Your Potential
  3. Overcoming Peer Pressure
  4. Battles of Your Mind
  5. Whom Are You Trying to Impress?
  6. Valuing Yourself
  7. Jesus: Savior or Lord?
  8. How Do I Reach My Friends?
  9. Overcoming Fear
  10. How Do I Find My Call?

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What can I buy at Invasion?

You can buy food, snacks, and beverages to keep you well-energized and hydrated at The Spoon (full menu), The Fork (snacks only), and The Spork (mobile drink cart available during daytime activities). You’ll find unique t-shirts, hoodies, hats, wristbands, lots of fun accessories, worship CDs, and preaching CDs available for purchase at Invasion Threads.

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Do youth and young adults mingle?

The short answer, sometimes. The long answer… Youth and young adults are segregated during all daytime activities – including breakout sessions, competitions, and meals. Everyone is together for the evening services.

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Are youth and young adults schedules the same?

Youth and young adults have different schedules during the day and come together for the evening services.

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